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P2P Deep Dive Mr Peerduck

Peerduck quacks about red flags and how he invests – P2P Deep Dive 5

P2P deep dive Peerduck podcastDirk, Philipp and I talk about the dark side of P2P investments in the „deep dive“ podcast. Normally in German, but this time we have a special guest from the Baltic States with us so we had to do this in English. Mr. Peerduck is well known to many as the one who started to keep a watchful eye on the Baltic P2P platforms. As we know by know many of them turned out as scam.
Of course, we talk about warning signs and red flags and how he sees the P2P credit market. But he will also tell us how he invests his money and what he considers a good investment in the Baltic States.
If everything is true – who knows…

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