Bondster a Mintos Alternative? – Invest 2022

zum Bonster InterviewWhich P2P lending marketplace is most likely to replace Mintos? Is it Bondster, with the coming new liquid product and despite or because of old and new lenders problems?
Strengthened from the past to dominate the future? We were able to discuss this question and much more, with the Mintos alternative Bondster, in person at Invest 2022 in Stuttgart in our panel Bondster a Mintos Alternative.

You don’t know Bondster yet?

Bondster p2pBondster is a P2P investment platform from the Czech Republic. The P2P lending site has paid out more than €4,6 million in interest to 15,300 investors since 2017.
When you invest in loans on Bondster, you can earn an average of 14.% interest per year.

Bondster Highlights:

  • Invest in consumer and (secured) business loans
  • Minimum investment €5
  • High yields up to 16,5%
  • Secured by a buyback guarantee
  • Secondary market without fees
  • with Autoinvest and automated investment strategies

then let’s hear what the Bondster CEO had to say

Pavel explains why Bondster is a Mintos alternative

Bondster the new Mintos killer?

Bondster Team at the Invest 2022

A lot is happening at Bondster right now and, as is so often the case, we investors don’t always get to hear about it. That’s why we took the time to talk to Pavel Klema, the Bondster CEO, personally about the most important topics.

Unlike Peerberry, the Bondster communication is rather modest when it comes to Russian loans. Why is that?
And then there’s the unfinished business with a couple of Polish lenders.

We notice that Pavel’s speciality was the collection of outstanding debts. There is still a lot of movement in all respects, and I am confident that some things will come back. However, it will take many months rather than a few weeks, Pavel explained to us.

But then there is also an outlook on the future, and we learn about a new product that is also supposed to offer high liquidity. It reminded me a little of Bondora Go&Grow, but let’s wait and see.

Bondster Mintos Alternative

Pavel at the interview

I hope you are curious enough now? Then just listen to the interview with Pavel:

all questions we have asked Pavel Klema Bondster CEO (fold)
  1. Before we start with our questions, just introduce yourself in 1 minute who you are and what you do at Bondster.
  2. We are meeting here at Invest in Stuttgart, how did you like the fair?
  3. Did you take anything away from the talks for your platform?
  4. In contrast to Peerberry, your communication is very modest when it comes to Russian loans. Why is that?
  5. Are there still problems with the Polish lenders who were in default due to Covid or could all investors be paid out?
  6. You also offer loans from Moldavia, how do you assess the risk there after Russia has already announced claims of ownership?
  7. In general, we are interested in the future of your platform, what are your concrete plans for the next few months?
  8. And where should it go in the longer term – to replace Mintos?
I myself, of course, am also invested in Bondster. And will remain so. After the interview, I am of course curious about the new product and how Bondster will develop further.
My Bondster experiences so far have been mostly positive. If you also want to invest in Bondster, it’s best to use my Bondster affiliate link, then you’ll receive 1% cashback for all investments made in the first 90 days, which is well worth it.

Join Bondster and get 1% cashback for 90 days!


The interview was conducted as part of a German podcast


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